Project Director

IoanaPodina Ioana Roxana, Ph.D. is a Scientific Researcher at Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB) and Lecturer at the  Psychology Department of Bucharest University.

The principal research interests of Dr. Podina are oriented towards technology augmented, evidence-based interventions. Both her expertise in clinical psychology and change mechanisms in CBT, as well as the experience obtained after being involved in technology mediated interventions (e-Health), recommends her for coordinating the SIGMA project.

Scientific contributions related to the project:

Reviews and Meta-Analyses:

  • Podina, I. R., Mogoase, C., David, D., Szentagotai, A., & Dobrean, A. (in press). A meta-analysis on the efficacy of technology mediated CBT for anxious children and adolescents. Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy.
  • Podina, I.R., Koster, E., Philippot, P., Dethier, V., & David, D. (2013).  Optimal Attentional Focus during Exposure in Anxiety Disorders: A Meta-analysis. Clinical Psychology Review, 33 (8), 1172–1183.

Change mechanisms:

  • Podina, I., Popp, R., Pop, I., & David, D. (2015). Genetic Correlates of Maladaptive Beliefs: COMT VAL 158 MET and Irrational Cognitions Linked Depending on Distress. Behavior therapy, 46(6), 797-808.
  • Podina, I., Jucan, A., & David, D. (2015). Self-Compassion: A Buffer in the Pathway from Maladaptive Beliefs to Depression. an Exploratory Study.Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies, 15(1), 97-109.
  • Podina, I. R. & Vislă, A. (2014). Being socially anxious is not enough. Response expectancy mediates the effect of social anxiety on state anxiety in response to a social-evaluative threat. Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies, 14(1):85-94.
  • David, O & Podina, I. (2014). Positive Attentional Bias as a Resilience Factor in Parenting. Implications for Attention Bias Modification Online Parenting Interventions. The Second World Congress on Resilience: From Person to Society. Medimond Publishing, 425-428
  • Podina, I.R., Mogoașe, C., & Dobrean, A. (2013). Intergenerational transmission of anxiety: evidence for the mediating role of the negative interpretation bias. Journal of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies, 13 (2), 309-320. 
  • Mogoașe, C., Podina, I.R., & Dobrean, A. (2013). Evaluating the unique contribution of irrational beliefs and negative bias interpretations in predicting child anxiety: implications for cognitive bias modification interventions. Journal of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies, 13 (2a), 465-475.
  • Cocia, I. R., Uscatescu, L. C., Rusu, A. S. (2012). Attention Bias to Threat in Anxiety-Prone Individuals. Evidence from Disengagement, But Not Engagement Bias Using, Cardiac Vagal Tone. Journal of Psychophysiology, 26, 74 – 82.


International grants:

2015: Internaţional Grant – Brain Awareness Week (Brain Awareness Grant) financed by Dana Foundation (, UB, România (Director de Proiect)

National grants:

2014-2015: Postdoctoral Grant – “O abordare programatică a cognițiilor iraționale: De la corelate neurobiologice la intervenții inovative de modificare a acestora”, the project was subscribed to the Advanced Inderdisciplinary Research Program – Integradet Interdisciplinary Research Network – RICI, UBB, Romania (Postdoctoral Grant Director under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Daniel David)

2014-prezent day: National Grant – PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1797, “Promovarea îmbătrânirii active – o platformă computerizată de training și reabilitare cognitivă (ActiveCORE)”, UBB, Romania (Member)

2012 – 2014: National Grant – PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.1-1500, „Eficiența unei platforme web în tratamentul anxietății la copii (iDARE)”, UBB, Romania (Member)